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"Dr. Steven Mills is a talented speaker and as a patient of his my self, I can say that he is a brilliant Chiropractic practitioner. I am proud to call him a colleague and a friend."

- Dr. Flora Hyacinth, DC
- three time Olympian: Track & Field
- former women's World Record holder
- 45' tripple jump

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"Dr. Steven Mills has helped me discover a healthier way of living.  Not only do I feel better from the therapeutic effects of my visits with him, but overall I feel I have gained a greater insight into living better.  My visits make feel better holistically with my mind, body, and energy.  Since visiting with him I have had more range of motion as well as make better choices with regards to how I treat my body and its nervous system.  I can say that Dr. Mills has a great passion for health and education and his strength there has helped me change my health for the better.  His passion for education really shines through with every visit that I have with him.  Not only does he take the time to answer my questions about overall well-being but he has numerous visual-aides that illustrate these critical concepts of health.   In addition, I feel that Dr. Mills is more than just my chiropractor; he is also a leader when it comes to creating projects that facilitate health awareness in our community.  Just take a peek in his office and you can see his passion for education.  I walk out of his office with more than an adjustment to my spine; I walk out of there with an adjustment to my "mindset," and a confidence that I can take charge of my health.  That to me is true health care."

Say (Sese "Say" L.) (DC)

"Dr Mills is fantastic! I was hesitant in getting chiropractic care because of several things. The cost, the expertise, and knowing the Dr would have my best interest in helping me overcome my pain. (Not just delay it) I'm a nurse so narrative care is important to me. Dr. Mills is all of this. He spends time with me, explains everything in laymen terms, and doesn't just go for the "quick fix." He looks at the whole picture of the body and gives advice as needed. He looked at my X-rays and explained what he saw as degeneration of my spine. He has been practicing for many years. He focuses on health and wellness and always has something informative to say. He is very available for appointments and has flexible schedule. Cost is affordable if you purchase a package. Totally worth it."

- Michelle B.

"Dr. Mills is amazing! I literally just left his office and couldn't be happier, and this is coming from someone who is scared and has had bad experiences with other chiropractos. I regularly ride horses, and with that comes falling off and taking some hard hits. Between that, standing for hours at work, and working out 2-3 times a week, my body was in need of a visit to the chiropractor. Dr mills has a binder of tons of raves about his business and his work, but even then I couldn't help but feel a little but nervous. He took the time to always explain what he was going to do before it would happen, make sure I was comfortable and would always double check to make sure I was ok after each adjustment. It's that extra level of care that makes him a true and great professional at what he does. I'd reccomend him to anyone!"

- Anna K.

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“There are many chiropractors in San Diego, but few can match Dr. Steve Mills in the value provided for what you pay. This is not a super crowded practice where patients are limited to a 15-minute maximum visit (coded and charged to insurance for maximum profit); this is a place that emphasizes wellness and education and individualized personal attention and flexible and even customized treatment, scheduling and payment possibilities. Dr. Mills really cares for his patients on many levels - physically, emotionally, professionally, and personally - and does all he can to help others (learn, grow, heal, improve, optimize function and performance). Dr. Mills is extremely knowledgeable about the human body (and many areas of personal development). He also runs and hosts the San Diego Success Club and is a sought after professional speaker on many subjects. He is skilled in many chiropractic treatment modalities - and makes each visit a little different than previous ones as his patients bodies and conditions change. I was a little reluctant to become a patient but came in for a consultation after an injury just to see what he thought. He has exceeded my expectations and I am now glad I took a chance to see how he might be able to help - not just with my injury but also in many other areas of my body, thinking, and life.”

- Oren P.

"Went in to see Steve for an adjustment and could not be happier with the turnout. The biggest thing I was worried about was my shoulder hurting. I thought it was going to hurt a lot when he did the procedure but everything went smooth and turned out that my shoulder was not beyond repair. Steve really knows his stuff, and after seeing him for the third time in 2 weeks my shoulder is actually feeling much better and does not bother me as much when I do my workouts."

- Andy H.


Dr. Mills is conscientious, thoughtful and insightful chiropractic practitioner.  He provides value-added assessment and diagnostic skills in order to tailor treatments to the specific needs of his client.    I greatly value that he is available when needed and provides an unwavering commitment to health and wellness at his practice!

-Keith J.

"Dr Mills is the best one in town! My brother and I are both hard working individuals and we're both having some back and neck problem sometimes mostly because of our jobs, but Steve knows exactly how to fix us up within minutes in the best way a doctor possibly can, with the most friendly attitude.
Every time we leave his office the feeling is amazing!! His place is very clean, convenient, and the quality and professionalism are all over the place.
Prices are reasonable, am definitely recommending to anyone.
Thank you very much!!! :) "

- Ann S.

"...I started seeing Dr. Mills (D.C.) about 4 weeks ago, getting regular adjustments, and much to my delight, I'm no longer experiencing that low back pain. Even after a day of work, I feel great! Dr. Mills has been wonderful very gentle, and kind and I've been very impressed at the results I'm seeing in my body! What a relief. Thank you!"

- Jacqueline N.  

"I have been a sufferer of migraines since I was six years old. When I was a junior in high school they got so bad that I had to be bed ridden for 6 weeks. From that time I have tried every thing from Allergists to Neurologists and even another chiropractor. However, it was only Dr. Mills who completely got rid of my headaches. Ever since I started treatment with the Doc I haven't even needed an aspirin. I feel better and more active than I have in a long time. I hope that you too decide to change your life! ...Like all things it takes time but believe me it's worth it!"

- Mike K.

"I was having severe back pain especially when walking or standing. This was very uncomfortable for me because I am a teacher which requires a great deal of time on my feet ...At times I could barely walk when I left the classroom ...After my first visit I received some relief. After a second visit I was able to stand for as much as two hours without any pain. I am very pleased with the service and results I have received."

- Sharon S. 

"On 11/10/1999 I was in an auto accident in which my car was rear ended ...a friend told me that it was ridiculous for me to feel so bad and she brought me to Dr. Mills. After my 1st adjustment, I felt the most awesome relief! The pain wasn't gone yet, but the pressure was! ...It has been almost 2 1/2 months now that I have been under Dr. Mills' care and I am very amazed at the results. Not only does my back feel 100% better, but I also realized that I haven't had a migraine since I started care under him! I used to suffer from severe optical migraines at least twice a month—migraines so severe that they would send me into hiding in a dark, quiet bedroom with my eyes closed. But since being under Dr. Mills' care, I have not had a single migraine! I don't exactly understand chiropractics, but it is amazing and I am so glad I was referred to it and to Dr. Mills (D.C.) ...Thank you so much!"

- Vanessa H.  

"Dr. Mills (D.C.) is very observant. He is a good listener and is very attentive to his patients' situations andhealth care needs."

- Clinton Simms
    World Record Holder
    (Masters: age 48-52)
    Bench pressed 556 lbs. at 218 body weight (2005)

"My name is Scott. I have had a severe back problem since I was about 19 years old. I guess I lifted something wrong but the bottom line is Mr. Mills fixed me. All I've heard is bad about chiropractors, but Mills is an exception ...For anyone that needs a chiropractor to help them, Mills is the one. Thanks."

- Scott B.

By December 1999, I had endured more than 8 years of distracting chronic pain and increasing numbness down my left leg. My stomach, constantly upset, was calmed only by daily prescription medicine. In addition to chronic fatigue, I suffered from constant pain and seriously diminished movement in my neck ...My head was positioned 2" off center and a 1982 surgery that involved the removal of a rib left a permanent stress point in my spine. Dr. Mills quickly found the pressure points without my revealing them ...Immediately I started treatment. By the following day, my stomach pain diminished significantly and my neck had dramatically improved mobility ...after a couple of weeks of treatment, my neck was released. I now have full rotation and no pain ...While these improvements are amazing to me, the single most striking change is the elimination of pain going down my leg. It disappeared with the first adjustment to my lower back. When I think back to the years of suffering from and chasing elusive symptoms, I cannot believe that I didn't try chiropractic care before. Although I am not finished with treatment it has been the only successful move toward maintaining and hopefully curing my otherwise, unrelated ills."

- Steven J.

"I have had back problems for more than 20 years. Mostly from running in sports. In the past few years the pain was sometimes very mild and sometimes very strong. It happened about 1 to 3 times per week. My work has been auto mechanic on cars, trucks and tractors and sometimes it was difficult to lift up car parts and tools. Since I have been getting care at Dr. Mills' office I have noticed that before when I could only bend my neck down to the left and now it is easier to move it to the right also. My middle back has not hurt in the past three weeks. When I work hard I also still have some right knee pain but it is also a lot better than before I got adjustments. I think you should try Chiropractic to see if it can help your condition."

- Jose R.

"Years ago when I was in the Army in Mexico the other soldiers in my platoon grabbed me and threw me up in the air for recreation and they moved and I fell on the ground and I injured my lower back. Ever since I have lived with pain ...One day I met Dr. Mills at a spinal screening event in Pleasanton ...when I went in for my first adjustment I came out feeling a lot better. Over all I went in for one month ...For three years I had pain in my ears and for me to relieve the pressure I had to press into my ear and sometimes shake firmly or even sometimes even vomit for me to be able to relieve the pressure. Since I have seen Dr. Mills over that month, my ear problem is completely gone. I can also sit now longer without lower back pain. Before I had shift my sitting position and I couldn't even drive thirty minutes without bad lower back pain, but I have been taking hour long drives or longer without pain. I am very glad that I decided to receive Chiropractic care! And it's nice to live without pain."

- Miguel P.

"The last five years or so I had neck and back pains. I never tried to repair my self. One day at work I saw Dr. Mills doing a demo of his work. I decided to go in and see what Chiropractic was about. At first I wasn't sure if it would help. When I went in for my first adjustment I came out feeling a lot better. Over all I went in for one month. In that time I was going in for my ear. About two hours after my adjustment the ear infection was gone. VERY STRANGE! I say if you are unsure about Chiropractics, you should just go in and try. See for your self what the doctor can do for you. You might like it."

- Chris G. 

"Ten years ago I had an accident. I fell from a tree while living in Mexico and have had the pain each day or at least a few days each week and it was hard to work at times. Only walking helped to relax and help the hurt area. I met Dr. Mills in Pleasanton in January of this year. I have had six treatments. Usually a visit each week since then and since starting care at this office my Hip and Low Back have felt much better. I do not feel as stiff as I did before and have noticed that the ache if I have it is less noticeable. It also has happened much less than before. It used to be each day or week and now it only seems to ache once a month. Dr. Mills said that I had it for many years so it will take a little while to get all the way better but I already feel much better and will only have a check up from time to time now. I got very good help from chiropractic and recommend that if you have not had a chance before to see if chiropractic can help you give it a chance. If I was helped by the visits Dr. Mills may be able to help you."

- Sergio P.

"Had major back problems for 16 years and been to countless chiropractors and unhelpful doctors... Dr. Mills is the best out there.  He doesn't try to sell you a bunch of stuff and is so amazing.  Over the last 6 years I've seen him whenever I had injuries or pain and he really makes the pain go away.  He's super affordable but most importantly, you won't find anyone that cares so much."

-Senior R.

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